Giuditta Sin

Giuditta Sin, performance artist, dancer and muse, as well as mentor, sacred feminine performer and ritual dancer. I speak through nature, my body, my gestures and emotions are my language. I started my experimental work in 2011 focusing on femininity, eroticism, body liberation and ecofeminism, among other topics.

I am the successor of the body art and performance art icons such as the Countess of Castiglione and Marchesa Casati. Their motto and the focus of their life was: “make yourself and your life a work of art”.

These women disrupted the idea of MUSE itself becoming the focus of the art process influencing the works of many other artists during their age and beyond.

To be a living work of art, to create beauty through my own body as a language, as a canvas to play with art and fashion, to provoke, seduce and inspire new ideas. This is the guiding principle of my art research. The art of exhibiting and disrupting at my own convenience, just by being there, just through the artistic creation of my image and its surroundings.

I have been inspired and influenced by revolutionary dancers such as Isadora Duncan, Loie Fuller and Ruth Sir Denis. Not just great artists but women that have made a difference with their lives and have set fundamental milestones for women liberation and emancipation. They also brought dance back to its ancestral role of connection between humans and nature. Dance and gestures are the ritual movement, the recognition of the human existence now forgotten.

The female body is a sacred temple, a tool to celebrate and honor the eternal beauty of nature, it is the sublime manifestation of nature itself.

I refuse to label my work in any way. Is it body art? Is it erotic art? Is it burlesque? My creations are pure beauty artifacts.

Among my collaborations I can boast works with artists and photographers such as Angelo Cricchi, Roberto Ferri, Neil Kendall (Yuval avital), as well as acting and performing for cinema, theater, and music video clips. I perform on the most popular burlesque international stages since 2012.

Among the major artistic events are Boldini tribute in May 2019 during Boldini Exhibition at Palazzo Diamante in Ferrara, in cooperation with the gallery La Stanza di Lucrezia.

In December 2019 I presented my site-specific and multi-artistic project ECOSEX at Museo Macro in Rome. This was the first work in Italy focusing on Ecosexuality. I am author and producer of Cabaret Domestique and Burlesque Riot, the first independent Burlesque festival in Italy.

Since 2014 I also teach body awareness practices through dance, burlesque and contact with art and nature to awaken the sacred feminine energy, and therefore the erotic and creative energy. in men and women. I founded the Sinisters Studio in 2015 with Gonzalo Mirabella, which is a dedicated space for these activities.

Major cinema performances:

“Tommaso” by Kim Rossi Stuart, “Momenti di trascurabile felicità” by Luchetti, “Qui rido io” by Mario Martone, “Il tesoro di Mussolini” directed by Renato de Maria, “La mia ombra è tua” by Eugenio Cappuccio.

Theatre plays:

  • Eroideide
  • Musami or Vate alle colonne del vizio, directed by Mariaelena Masetti Zannini
  • La grande Occasione directed by Marco Simeoli
  • Burlesque Cafe, at Salone Margherita in Rome

International burlesque festivals:

  • Milano Extra Ordinarie
  • Rome burlesque Festival
  • New Orleans burlesque festival
  • New York burlesque Festival
  • Stockholm burlesque festival

Performance Art

I work in performance arts since 2011 as author of my acts, ranging from tableau vivant to dance, while also serving other artists and visions with my experience.

Through my creations, I narrate and advocate the liberation of the female body showing its great potential and sensuality by representing and regaining vital elements of femininity, expressing and claiming my story as a woman, narrating a claimed and exact vision of myself and my story.

The body for me is a powerful tool for expression, discovery and exploration of my (and others’) identity. It communicates the artist’s emotions to the observer such as a canvas can do.

Reve d’amour

Loie Fuller’s dance inspired performance, muse and icon of Belle Epoque and muse for Toulouse Lautrec.

By playing with movements, fabrics and lights, the dancer’s body becomes a butterfly, a flower, a vortex and a thousand more imaginary beings that draw the audience into a hypnotic and poetic experience.


Black and tan fantasy

A real tableau vivant on Duke Ellington’s music in the style of the 20s bringing back to life the smoky and lascivious atmosphere typical of those years. The handmade costume recreates the style that was peculiar to the haute couture at that time, as well as the work of excellent designers such as Poiret.


Isadora Duncan inspired dance, a poetic ensemble embodying her genius and her natural and delicate movements. The dancer becomes wind, wave, fall. She appears and disappears behind the veils of her silk dress, and behind the scarf she waves in the air.

A picture from the early ‘900s that is still modern and catchy for today’s viewers.


Victorian Boudoir

A tableau vivant, a burlesque dance. A celebration of the delicate eroticism from the Victorian Age. In-style blush, ribbons, handmade corsets, and a totally sensual ambiance are the main features in this act.

It will be like spying a diva or a courtesan in the intimacy of her boudoir.


Tributo a Boldini

Performed for the first time in 2018 at Palazzo dei Diamanti during the Boldini exhibition, this performance brings to life Boldini’s muses, especially Marchesa Casati. Featured in many of the artist’s artworks, she is depicted covered in peacock feathers, or in tight dark and luxurious dresses, or with her always-present greyhounds.

Rosa alchemica

Roses are a symbol for deities, a tool that creates beauty and gives pleasure. This performance honors the power of this incredible flower embodied in two wonderful fans made of dried roses. The fans were made together with the artist Alexandros Mars and lasted only for the time of the performance. They are made specifically for each performance. Highly erotic, poetic and interactive act.

Iconic Showgirl

The most burlesque among my performances. The typical dance with feather fans. The most representative image of burlesque performed with extremely elegant movements and delicate European style burlesque.


“I love the earth, therefore I love myself. “

As a woman that knows how to love, as the earth that knows how to create, as a natural phenomenon I lead a pathway within our most sacred possession: the relationship between human beings and the most perfect work of art that is Nature itself.

At Rome’s Museo Macro, Giuditta Sin for the first time in Italy paved the way for her performance study focusing on ecosexuality.

The project involves photographers, videomakers, a musician and floral artist and performer.

After ten years since its birth in the United States, the artistic movement on ecosexuality started taking its steps to Italy as well. Here, it is developing as an interaction between different art forms and with the public that takes part directly to the performance.


Pink Passion

Urban performance held for the first time in 2018 at Galleria del Domani following the tragic death of Desirée Mariottini.

It focuses on the violence against women and its infinite faces. It narrates the burden that women carry every day just because we were born women and all the challenges that we have to face in life due to the gender gap.


Lessico animale Mysterion

The rite, the myth and the subterraneans at Terme di Caracalla. Yuval Avital’s art elaborates these elements to create an impactful animal language. A multifaceted exhibition that speaks different languages and combines performance, video art, photography, sound sculptures, paintings, installations and materic compositions. It bridges contemporaneity to the Mitreo, the symboloistic place in Terme Antoniniane.

Artist: Yuval Avital

Dynamic curator: Cristiano Leone


Fabula animae

Curated by Simona Baldi, Fabula Animae by Jessica Harris and Fabio Campagna, is inspired to Amore Psyche, the myth as it was narrated by Apuleio in Metamorphosis and amazingly performed by Pierin del Vaga in the papal location of Castel Stant’Angelo in Rome.

Specifically, Fabula Animae is developed as an artwork collection – drawings, prints, paintings, dresses and a music performance designed and carried out in Rome between 2021 and 2023 – narrating the endless search for the good and the beauty through a variety of languages: kalos kagathos.


Ver Sacrum (“Sacred spring”), founded by Gustav Klimt and Max Kurzweil, was the magazine giving voice to the Viennese Secession in 1898. The “Gesamtkunstwerk”: the total work of art, is what makes the magazine unique. Architecture, design, sculpture and painting combined in a single artistic and cultural current fusing all arts together.

“Each age has its art and art has its own freedom.”

Klimt was undoubtedly this new vision’s representative. He developed his vision between 1899 and 1903 across the study and research through different art techniques. He was also influenced by Byzantine mosaics after traveling to Italy. Those were the years of The kiss (1907-08), Giuditta I (1901), Giuditta II (1909), Adele Bloch-Bauer’s portrait (1907).